poniedziałek, 23 stycznia 2012

EmuMaster 0.2.1

The new version with the beauty landscape mode and megadrive/megacd emulation is now available at the Nokia Store.
Mega emulation is based on PicoDrive, but many parts have been rewritten. MegaCD emulation uses built-in mp3 decoders.
The bilinear filtering is now supported - added as an option, default off. It has no visible impact on performance (1fps drop at most), so feel free to enable it globally if you want.

Full changelog:
* audio enable/disable global option
* splash added
* genesis/megadrive/megacd support
* landscape support
* bilinear filtering
* better search
* restart confirmation dialog to prevent accidental pushing on restart button
* keyboard configured as pad-a by default
* do not clear screen if fullscreen is forced
* [bug] fullscreen option didn't work as expected - fixed
* [bug] keyboard conf - l1/r1 has been reversed with start/select
* [bug] l2/r2 has same values as l1/r1 - fixed
* [bug] if games have different extensions they are incorrectly sorted in disk gallery - fixed
* [bug] mulitplayer don't work in psx - fixed
* [bug] strange sixaxis animation when identifying - fixed
More which I don't remember.

 Now I will freeze the set of emulated systems for some time (unless someone pay a huge donation for what he want). There are guys wanting N64 emulation and they donating right now, more info in the thread at maemo forum. I will make the current set of emulated systems as good as possible. There are plenty of bugs waiting for a fix and some new features to implement.
Motivate me with a donation.

Wiki: http://bitbucket.org/elemental/emumaster
Maemo Forum Thread: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=81136
Nokia Store: http://store.ovi.com/content/207988

wtorek, 27 grudnia 2011

EmuMaster 0.1.1

The new  version 0.1.1 is available at Nokia Store, main changes:
  • 10 seconds bug fixed
  • accelerometer calibration
  • keyboard configuration (gamepad mapping)
  • emulation can run in the background (global option)

poniedziałek, 12 grudnia 2011

EmuMaster 0.1.0

New version of EmuMaster is available at Nokia Store.

It has big improvements to previous release, main changes:
  • amiga emulation
  • completely redesigned ui
  • sixaxis support
  • global/local settings
  • favourites category
  • configurable input devices
  • search field
  • display is not suspending while playing
  • better error handling
Amiga emulation will work only for games/apps with one disk, in the next release I will add the ability to run games with multiple disks. Also there is no on-screen keyboard in amiga emulation yet.

Please appreciate my hard work and motivate me by sending me a donation.

I am now updating wiki pages. So please be patient for instructions, especially about sixaxis.

Warning! States from previous version will not work!!!

poniedziałek, 3 października 2011

EmuMaster 0.0.2

 I am happy to realease second version of my software.
Now GBA, SNES and PSX(alpha) is supported.

Complete changelog:
  • added gba emulation
  • added snes emulation
  • added psx <alpha> emulation
  • added page to select the console
  • user can select his own cover in disk gallery
  • states are compressed now
  • pad look redesigned (in-game exit button and L/R buttons added as well)
  • settings look refreshed
  • settings are saved now
  • added pad opacity option
  • added keep aspect ratio option
  • added option to remove icon from home screen (disk gallery)
  • added item in menu to remove disk (disk gallery)
  • added item in menu to run game with autoload disabled (disk gallery)
  • switched to asynchronous pulse audio
  • added accelerometer support
  • volume buttons now works correctly
  • redesigned architecture to speed up things
  • fixed bug in pad: when you touch on edge pad didn't work
  • fixed crash on pause button
  • render method for nes ppu can now be selected
  • nes game genie codes enable/disable fixed
  • nes empahasis/mask fix (several titles displayed white screen)
  • support for more mappers (nes)
  • and more ... :)  
    I also introduced new state save/load functionality for versioning them, so states from 0.0.1 will not work with this version, sorry :(

    Ovi Store link
    Ovi Store mobi link

    Now I am worknig on fast dynamic recompilation, which will speed up things. I am also looking forward for sixaxis support (not only in-game support, but through all software so you could connect your phone to TV, leg on bed and use EmuMaster with pad :). Build for N900 will come. I know there is a lack of loading compressed roms - on the way.

    Please donate my work so I can push the project forward. Thanks in advance.

    I am creating wiki for the project right now.
    Stay tuned

    sobota, 27 sierpnia 2011


    The aim of EmuMaster project is to emulate popular consoles like NES, SNES, GB, C64 and more. I know that there is a lot of emulators out there. But what I saw is they are not so easy to use or lack some cool features. So I decided to bring my ideas to the world of emulation. I have started with NES but there will be more. The most important thing now is to let you know how I see an emulator should look like. I hope you will like it (if yes please donate). Sorry for my poor english.



    In Game Home Screen Icons
    Rom Gallery Fast Scroll
    Add Home Screen Icon Dialog Save/Load Gallery
    Video Settings View Game Genie Codes

    • written entirely in Qt and QML (even cpu,ppu, etc. is written in Qt)
    • modular architecture to minimize memory use (e.g. mappers are in seperate plugins) and speed up loading
    • ROM gallery
    • fast scroll
    • you are able to create an icon in the homescreen, and with auto save/load you will not even notice you are using an emulator
    • swipe is disabled by default - configurable
    • support for game genie codes
    • quite fast NES emulation - full framerate without sound (60 FPS) - will be optimized
    • save/load gallery
    • you can push two buttons on the pad with one finger at the time (e.g. A and B)

    • I don't know how to make icons in the homescreen removable - please help
    • settings are not saved yet
    • game policy
    • currently when you click play new windows and machine is created, it takes time (especially when you click pause first time). In order to minimize this time I will reimplement this mechanism so only disk will be reloaded (it should be done this way from beginning)
    • accelerometer as a controller
    • mappers 72-255
    • on-screen paddle controller (e.g. arkanoid)
    • on-screen zapper controller (e.g. duck hunts)
    • use accelerometer at the save's view and rom gallery
    • more consoles: GB, SNES, C64, Amiga, ...
    • net play
    • want more ? want somthing sooner than other ? add a comment and please donate

    • I know some games don't work, if you find some and you want them to work let me know, I am checking constantly what work, what not but if you let me know I can prioritize it
    • sometimes application can crash on pause - will be fixed
    • found bug ? please tell me about it